This image is now part of the permanent collection of the Intrepid Air & Space Museum. Because the space shuttle Enterprise is now on display at that museum, they wanted an image of it flying past the Statue of Liberty. A quick search through Flickr and the museum people found this image of mine (one of the reasons I maintain a heavy Flickr presence). I shot it when the Enterprise was being delivered to NYC to its new home.

The Enterprise is a very special vehicle to me because when I was young, I was one of the people who signed a petition to get the first space shuttle's name changed from Constitution to the Enterprise. Being that I'm a Star Trek nut (and always have been), having this majestic space ship quartered in my home town, and having an image that will be with it forever, is very special for me. I don't care that it's never been out in space. I'm just happy that the Enterprise is now part of New York City.

By the way, here are a few more shots from that day: