I just finished editing this the other day. It’s really a “trailer” for a longer video, but it stands pretty well on its own and really covers what Jean is doing with his series called “Vestiges of Industry.” What this video is really part of is a new production company that Jean and I and our friend Kristin are putting together. Jean describes it the best (from his blog):

“This video was made by In Cahoots (Pictures), my own little production company, comprised of Kristin DuvallAntonio M. Rosario & me, Jean Miele. In Cahoots creates high-production-value short-attention-span videos that tell stories about people’s passions, professions and obsessions. Want us to tell your story? Get in touch.”

While we are just getting the ball rolling now, this video is a great example of what we are going for. Short, to-the-point profiles of photographers/artists/filmmakers which leave you wanting more. While we don’t have our official website up yet (working on that now), you can check out some of the work we’ve done to date on my video page. If you’re interested in having us do a video for you, contact me and we’ll see what we can do. This way, you can say you’re “In Cahoots” with us.