Lightroom Screencasts

A quick tip about how to quickly remove the horrible color fringing and chromatic aberrations in a high contrast image.

Overview of hardware workflow with MacBook Air and two external hard drives.

There is limited color editing available in Lightroom 4 for video, but it’s not very precise. This tip shows how you can make more precise color edits to videos in your Lightroom 4 library.


A quick overview of importing images into Lightroom 3



This shows how you can make a catalog for someone to review which only contains JPEG previews and not the original images. This catalog can be sent to someone who also has LR3. They can review the images and make changes to the metadata then send back the catalog to the originator. The metadata changes can then be reincorporated back into the original LR catalog.



Here I go thru a quick review of how to use the Nik Silver Efex black & white plugin for Photoshop with Lightroom. I show how to take an image from Lightroom, bring it into Photoshop as a smart object and do a simple B&W conversion using the Nik filter.


Refresher lesson in how to use Lightroom to send images over to Photoshop and then to do some basic retouching in PS using the Dust & Scratches filter and the Clone & Healing Brush tools


In this tipcast, I go over the basics of getting images into your Lightroom library. I cover importing from memory cards as well as importing files that are already on your computer.


In my first LightRoom Tipcast, I go over a few keyboard “helpers” that will make finding overexposed and underexposed areas easier to see.


(I’ve got the Tipcast numbering all wrong. I’ll get it straight next time)