May 29

Photo-I has a rather in-depth review of the new Epson desktop photo printer, the 2880. This thing looks like the beef-ed up little brother of the Epson 3800. They say:

Today Epson announces the Epson Stylus Photo R2880 A3+ printer, a direct replacement for the much loved R2400. The R2880 is aimed at the (Semi) - Pro and Advanced Amateur who doesn’t need a high volume output printer, but still wants to use a wide variety of media types and produce high quality B/W prints The R2880 boasts an impressive list of new features and specifications, that should satisfy a broad user base the new features include:

• UltraChrome K3 ink set with Vivid Magenta

• Epson new LUT technology (Look Up Table) for ultra smooth gradations

• Roll and Fine Art media support

• Front feed for specialist rigid media (up to 1.3mm thick)

• CD/DVD printing (using inkjet printable discs)

• Dual USB 2.0 ports (connect 2 computer to the printer)

• Front PictBridge port for direct printing from a digital camera or photo viewer

Go read the full review here.

Oh, and here’s MacWorld’s review too.

Oct 09

D80 071009 001
Well, I broke down and got it last Wednesday. It’s past the point of returning and getting a full refund (Apple lets your return it within three days for full refund, including activation fee). So here is my short review as of today:

So far, I like it very much.

Getting it set up was a breeze, although my desktop contact management program is Entourage and it took a little doing to get it to sync to iPhone. It was not that much of a big deal as Entourage can sync with iCal and iCal syncs with iPhone. The syncing is both ways, so if I enter contact or date info on the iPhone, it will eventually show up in Entourage.

I can sync it to two computers; one has my music and podcasts on it and the other has all my contacts and Safari bookmarks. iPhone can easily sync to both machines without an issue.

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Sep 20

I like Walt.

Mar 17

Well, it’s late at night and I’m sitting here listening to my iPod on my new Logitech mm50 portable speaker system and I thought, well, heck, let me tell everyone what I think of this thing. Then I thought, why not add it as a review in this blog. Hey, it’s my blog and I can do what I want. Of course, you get to benefit form thinking like that. I’m going to keep this review short and to the point. There are lots of other sources where you can get the specs on this device (I’ll link to them in the review) and I just want to concentrate my opinion only. So here goes.


More of the review after the jump.

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