Aug 25

Not old photos, per se, but done in an old photographic style. Check out the whole gallery here . I think these are great.

Aug 18

Another cool use for digital photography:

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene from pro on Vimeo.

Jul 26

Picture 2

Here are some more pix taken from the ISS and the Shuttle.

Just spectacular!

Jul 26

Picture 1

The Boston Globe has been posting some great hi-res images from Nasa, including these from Mars. Go check them out.

What’s great about these Mars shots are that you can really relate to them. Mars really just looks like a place; nothing terribly alien about it. Somehow the Universe just got a little smaller.

May 29

A Chinese-built film camera which creates 3D stereo images. Info here.

That’s one lens for each “D.”

May 29

Watch him use this crazy-ass seven speedlight contraption to do some great outdoor lighting with.

Read more at the Strobist.

May 29

Photo-I has a rather in-depth review of the new Epson desktop photo printer, the 2880. This thing looks like the beef-ed up little brother of the Epson 3800. They say:

Today Epson announces the Epson Stylus Photo R2880 A3+ printer, a direct replacement for the much loved R2400. The R2880 is aimed at the (Semi) - Pro and Advanced Amateur who doesn’t need a high volume output printer, but still wants to use a wide variety of media types and produce high quality B/W prints The R2880 boasts an impressive list of new features and specifications, that should satisfy a broad user base the new features include:

• UltraChrome K3 ink set with Vivid Magenta

• Epson new LUT technology (Look Up Table) for ultra smooth gradations

• Roll and Fine Art media support

• Front feed for specialist rigid media (up to 1.3mm thick)

• CD/DVD printing (using inkjet printable discs)

• Dual USB 2.0 ports (connect 2 computer to the printer)

• Front PictBridge port for direct printing from a digital camera or photo viewer

Go read the full review here.

Oh, and here’s MacWorld’s review too.

May 14

TUAW has a nice comparison of screencasting programs. This is something I thought I’d do, but they did such a good job, I thought I’d just link to it:

Screencasting — the not-so-ancient art of recording the computer screen for the entertainment and enrichment of others — has evolved into quite a Hydra of options. How do the myriad gladiators in this arena stack up? I’ve tried everything I could find that could record a little movement on the screen, and selected 8 contenders for the matchup. We’ll start this boxing match off with the free apps, and then see if the “money” apps stack enough features on to make them worth the cash.

Continue reading TUAW Faceoff: Screencasting

Mar 16

Med Monkey Shines
From Modern Mechanix

Feb 15

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Apple released version 2 of Aperture this past Tuesday. Finally! They are touting “over 100+ new features,” which seems about right.

I’ve been playing with it for the past few days and it appears that Apple is serious about supporting this program (there have been recent doubts since they have been taking so very long to support the newest digital SLRs). Aperture is now on par with the feature set of Adobe’s LightRoom.

If you’re already an Aperture user, get this upgrade right away. It’s faster, and it’s faster.

Did I mention that it’s faster?

Oh, and if you have not already committed to either Aperture or Lightroom, Apple dropped the price to $199, which is $100 less than Lightroom.